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Service Packages Provided

Based on Annual Subscriptions

In response to the recent pandemic situation and increased costs related to inventory and continuing education, our company has made the necessary adjustment to our prices. This enables us to uphold our commitment to providing quality services and exceptional customer support.

At our company, we specialize in securing systems and networks. If you're tired of dealing with cyber threats, password management issues, duplicate social media accounts, and excessive spam and telemarketing calls, we have the expertise to address these problems. As cybersecurity analysts, we thoroughly investigate and eliminate the issues you're facing. Additionally, we offer database security administration services, including implementation, design, configuration, and training, to ensure you have a secure and efficient database tailored to your needs.

To facilitate convenient and secure transactions, we utilize PayPal as our e-commerce platform. We highly recommend registering an account with PayPal to streamline the payment process.

Once you select your desired service package and complete the payment, our dedicated customer service representatives will promptly reach out to you to ensure that your needs are being met and that you receive the assistance you require.

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Platinum Package
(For Companies)

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Gold Package

(For Seniors - 55+)

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Royal Blue Package

(For Individuals)


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Student Package

(For College Students)

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Star Package

(For VIPs) 

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Partner Package

(For Investors) 

This Partner Package comes with a 7% annual ROI. No stake in the company. 

What our customers are saying

She is smart and knowledgeable

-Edith W.

I paid for my niece to draft me up a letter and the people thought that I went to an
attorney office. This woman is no joke and knows what she is doing and recommend her to anybody. 

James G.

Service Price

If any of the above packages is not a good option for you, 

then choose our monthly package that is available to you.

Daily Service


Per Day

Best Package Offer

10  hr session





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